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Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, increase lean body mass, maintain your current level of fitness, or to improve your performance, our fitness professionals will utilize the following five components to establish a personalized program to help you attain your desired goals.


The 5 Components of the APEX System consist of food intake, cardiorespiratory activity, food supplementation, resistance training and personal assistance. Most fitness programs only isolate one or two of those components. The APEX Fitness System sets itself apart by focusing on all five. And the truth is, without all five components, the chance for long-term success is difficult, if not impossible. Our personal trainers gather the necessary data, filter out the unnecessary or incorrect information and deliver only what is most appropriate for you, and your goals, sparing you frustration, lost time and money.


cucumbercomponent 1Food Intake

Eat Smart, Not Less


Weight loss and weight gain both rely on a very simple equation.  Calories in vs. calories out.  You cannot lose weight/body fat unless you consume fewer calories than you expend.  Adjusting your food intake appropriately will assist you in creating the energy deficit needed to utilize the body’s fat stores. You will find that the body will try to counteract this deficit in order to restore your body’s energy balance. The body does this by adapting to the lowered food intake through reducing energy expenditure (by decreasing lean body mass) or forcing non-compliance (through hunger or cravings). These biological survival tactics must be continually outmaneuvered if fat reduction is to continue.


Likewise to increase lean body mass (gain muscle), the calories consumed need to be above the current level of calories you use for maintenance. These extra calories should be no more than the amount needed to build and sustain the increase in lean body mass initiated by appropriate exercise. Most weight loss or weight gain plateaus are caused because people are inconsistent in ingesting the proper amount of calories to maintain body-fat reduction or increase their lean body mass. Our fitness professionals will recommend, modify and help monitor your food intake to keep you feeling satisfied and energetic and moving towards your goals.


human heartcomponent 2Cardiorespiratory Training

Give Your Heart A Regular Beating


The goal of cardiorespiratory training is to get as many large muscles as possible working hard and continuously, in order to burn the greatest amount of calories during and after exercise. Because the body is able to adapt quickly to exercise it is crucial to alter your workload from time to time. We can help you find your proper cardio zone and design an individualized exercise program that adapts as your fitness level changes.


Make every minute count by having our fitness professionals teach you the proper frequency, intensity, and type of cardiorespiratory exercises you need to perform to achieve your fitness goals. We will show you how to use more calories during exercise and teach you how to maintain the adaptation period with changes in workload so you continue to burn extra calories throughout the day.


apex supplementcomponent 3Food Supplementation

Sometimes the Small Stuff Makes the Biggest Difference


Supplements provide the following benefits:

  1. They boost your nutrient intake without added calories.
  2. They assist with appetite control.
  3. They assist in maintaining and increasing lean body mass.
  4. They assist in the maintenance of health during periods of extreme physical exertion and limited calories.


We can help you find out exactly what you need to see the greatest results to meet your goals. You will fill out food preference and fitness-program questionnaires and our fitness professionals will enter your answers into specialized APEX software to analyze your personal information. The results and recommendations that are produced will be used to make up your lifestyle program and are individualized to you specifically.


dumbbellscomponent 4Resistance Training

Redefine Yourself


Did you know the more muscle you have the more calories you burn? Adding resistance training to any fitness program alters your body composition, improves daily activities, and improves performance. However, after time, your body adapts to the workload due to performing repetitive exercises over time. When your body adapts you reach a fitness plateau. We can help you overcome this frustrating stage in your fitness training and take you to a higher level.


Our fitness professionals will design and help you execute an appropriate resistance training program adapts as your fitness level changes. We will constantly assess your workouts and make appropriate changes to ensure that you are continually making progress. In addition, we make certain you are executing the movements correctly to maximize your body’s potential and ensure safety.


trainercomponent 5Personal Assistance

Get With The Program


Our personal trainers will walk you through the above components.  It is often difficult to jump into a new lifestyle without some outside motivation and assistance.  We will help you avoid fitness plateaus by monitoring the above components for you. We asses how your caloric intake needs to be altered, make needed changes in the type, intensity, duration, and/or frequency of your cardiorespiratory program, boost nutrient intake in order to help you improve performance and maintain health, as well as change exercises and/or manipulate specific variables in your resistance training program. We make sure you are correctly following your food plan, supplementation and exercise program to ensure you will meet your specific goals.  We are here to ensure the 5 Components are working together for you to create the best results in the shortest amount of time.


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