Tadpoles (sessions 1-4) 9:00-9:30


Tadpoles (sessions 1-4) 9:00-9:30


Tadpole classes are designed for little swimmers who are comfortable with water exploration & primary skills like learning to float. Tadpole classes are a 2 to 1 ratio with swim coach.

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Skills taught: Your Tadpole will be assessed on Day 1 and grouped with other swimmers of similar skill to ensure level-appropriate teaching. Sign up for 2 sessions to really see your Tadpole improve! Below are some of the skills taught to Tadpoles

Water Exploration

  • Become comfortable with the pool

  • Fully submerge face (3 seconds)

  • Experience buoyancy (bob 10 times)

  • Supported float on front/back

  • Basic breath control (bubble blowing)

  • Enter and exit water independently

  • Move through water comfortably

  • Supported kicking on front/back

  • Introduction to alternating arm action

  • Introduction to wall crawl

Primary Skills

  • Fully submerge head (hold 3 seconds)

  • Retrieve objects in chest deep water

  • Orientation to deep water with support

  • Front and back float unsupported

  • Unsupported back float to glide (5 seconds)

  • Leveling off from a vertical position (stand up after floating)

  • Rhythmic breathing (bob 10 times)

  • Step-in entry and side exit

  • Flutter kick on front/back

  • Back crawl arm action

  • Combined stroke front/back using kick/arm movements (5 yards)

  • Turning over front/back, back/front

  • Wall crawl to stairs or ladder